Born in Florence in 1969, my personal development journey started when, as young boy, I was drawn to the study of Eastern Religions and I started practicing yoga and meditation. I visited all the New-age communities of Italy and I lived for a couple of years in the community of Ananda, in Assisi.

In India, in 1999, I met some of the major Masters, who deeply inspired my future work.

In 2003, I became a certified Reiki Master, Usui method. I attended several seminars, including regressive hypnosis, NLP, Rebirthing and Family Constellations. I have been studying esoteric topics since the ‘90s, when I was introduced to Tarot reading. Since then, the Rider-Waite Tarots became my inseparable companions, in my life as well as in my job. With them, I have developed a method of reading, called Evolutionary Tarot, a revolutionary approach aimed to help people in becoming more aware of themselves and of their challenges, in order to improve and change their lives.

I have been studying Shamanism since 1995, with the goal to apply the ancients “Rituals of Soul Healing” in our modern lives. Since an early age, I was intrigued by the ancient prophecies about the coming times, especially those inherent the year 2012 and the evolutionary leap that they announced. I have been studying these prophecies for more then twenty years, and I gave several lectures on this subject and I also wrote many articles about my personal interpretation.

In 2000, the encounter with the Voice Dialogue technique (founded by Hal and Sidra Stone), completed and enriched my spiritual growth and my professional formation, giving important ground in Psychology. In Italy, in 2002, I became a facilitator of this extraordinary technique and, to date, I have carried out over 3,000 individual sessions.

Since 1999, I have developed the ability to contact entities from other Spiritual dimensions, and after four years of practicing and grounding, in 2003 I started a professional Channeling activity, both to individuals,as well as for groups. Currently I have made more than 600 contacts, and I am considered one of most active and professional Channelers in Italy. In 2009 I opened the first Membership Online about this important topic. For the first time in Italy, within this online community I held live channeling sessions; the messages channeled during those events have been collected in four published books. My last book, “From Medium to Channeler”, published in 2015, is a manual for the expression of the modern mediumship.

Since 2010, I started working on family-related dynamics and I introduced an updated and revised version of the Family Constellations initially proposed by Bert Hellinger. I named my technique Family Energy Rebalancing. Currently, I have successfully facilitated more than 500 F.E.R.

I also organize coursed about the “The Awakening of the Goddess”, specifically aimed at solving the main issues of Italian women.


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