Message for the Feminine

Dear friends in the Evolution, I channeled this message the day after the International Woman Day and it is an explicit exhortation for your Feminine Awakening.

It’s a warm invitation, considering our process of evolution, to think about the emancipation and the independence of the woman under a new perspective, to disrupt old Thought Forms that are blocking women, as well as, men on our Planet. As reminded in the message, the Awakening of Feminine Energy is the only possible way in the New Era.

This movement will allow us all to express a healthy personal power, which will trigger crucial changes in our personal lives, in our society and around the world. I wish you that this message will help you during your journey of Personal Growth, to better understand the self-limiting dynamics you’re experiencing, so that you can transmute them and become free to co-create the future you desire 🙂

Love, Gratitude and Blessings


Message for the Feminine

Shining Love for glowing Sons. Sparkling Light reverberating in you from us. It is the only type of light that belongs to us all and in which we are all bound. Bright light for you, beloved sons. Breathe, I must gently enter in the body of Simone, who serves the Mother and through that renders justice and strength. You can make known my words; you can be, during this evening, an open channel for me, communicator and enhancer of the essence I represent.

Yesterday the feminine energy has been further moved, due to the intense thoughts, desires, and rage, too. A commemoration of a tragic event, which, however, is soliciting the awakening and the acknowledgment of the large, immense, enchanting matrix to which each woman is tied: Unity of the dualism and expression of a creation in which there is no more room for injustice and separation.

This energy needs to be acknowledged, loved and expressed, since now, in Truth, it is time for the Awakening of the Feminine Energy. And by saying that, I mean its activation in the heart and in the life of each woman and each man. In order to do that, is required an awareness transmuted into strength for each of you. I came to you today to bring a contribution to this growth and Evolution. May my words resonate within every human being, both woman and man. This Truth needs to be humbly acknowledged and accepted within you.

The Feminine energy is strength in life, awareness rooted in the understanding of bearing an essence, which needs balance in the spirit, as well as in the matter, in the vibration and in the light. This renewed balance will increasingly bring justice and freedom on Earth. Justice and freedom gem from an idea that needs to be internalized especially from the masculine energy, during these delicate times.

Now you, European and western women, have the responsibility and the gift to continue on Earth this blooming process, which is daughter of a rediscovered independence, autonomy and self-perception. Obviously, independence is not enough; independence withers without love for yourselves. Independence fades away without an evolutionary growth. For this you must work a little bit more on the essence, the spirituality, the energy and the psychology. This happens because heavy and blocking Though-Forms still act under the smooth and clean surface.

The Daughters of the future must not be victim anymore of the heaviness and the conditionings that triggered the rebellion of the past generations of women. The Daughters of the future must be connected to a fresh strength, which is possible, thank to their own feminine ancestors who struggled to conquer the right of being independent: May this gratefulness bring a generational alignment. This alignment will donate you a deepest connection with the energy of the History. That History was part of a process of growth, which is still striving to manifest itself in your present time, like a refreshing wind willing to push through the obstacles imposed by the constraining energy of a masculine in the shadows, as well as, by the shadow of the distorted masculine side.

Several accomplishments have been achieved in a short period of time, especially during the ‘60s and the ‘70s. What I am asking you now is not an acceleration, rather, a deeper focus in uncovering this emancipation, this growth. Focus like attention and acknowledgment of the feminine characteristics and qualities; qualities of a strength which does not have the same vibration of the masculine strength; qualities of an intelligence which have different connections from the masculine mind; qualities of a power creating life, and that should be more harmonized with the constructive potential of the masculine energy.

The presence of different qualities does not imply there are some better than others; rather they represent the Unity at the service of the Evolution. Never forget the softness of the Feminine Energy and its capability to extend unlimited Love, regardless life obstacles and challenges. They are qualities bound to be extinguished, at this particular moment and time. We notice that you, daughters of this as harsh as stimulating times, started adsorbing masculine energy, while tempting to conquer greater autonomy and power.

However, is not by imitating a behavioral model proper of someone else that you will get closer to your independence, for it stems from the acknowledgment of yourselves. Is not by copying what is different from you that you will honor yourselves. Acknowledge the gifts in you and restore your connection with the Love from which they come from. It is the same love you must leverage on to stimulate and, somehow push, the acknowledgment of the masculine energy. Also, there is the possibility, at a spiritual level, that you are going to generate a new masculine thought-system, now.

As Divine Mothers you can indeed deliver a thought-system of a new Man, in order to enable, worldwide, that the same men who want to deny peer-opportunities, freedom, and independence (because they are afraid to succumb and lose their power) will have another model to identify with, and accelerate in turn, their own Evolution. You must create a new vision, to trigger in men, their recondite desire of reconciliation and this process will shower the Earth with changes, purification and tears of forgiveness. Men have so much to ask your forgiveness for! This process requires humility, a jump that apparently will make you feel like you are falling, but in truth, is necessary to grow. During the last thousand of year, all the patriarchal organized religions – that still keep in slavery millions of women – have expressed the fear of the infinite feminine potential.

In the western world, the bourgeois and catholic education further blocked the natural feminine energy flow, and started a war to suppress the Thought-Form of the Aphrodite, both at vibrational and existential level. That led you to deny your sensuality and your spontaneous ability to prove and give pleasure.  Your awakening and your rebirth also relies on the renaissance in the body and for the body. This is also an expression of love and is contemplated by the divine order. For that reason, refusing the sexual expression of Love, is a denial of the Divine Creation and Its Will for you. Am I maybe perturbing you? Try for a moment thinking of Us, who are observing and loving you since thousands of years. Try for a moment thinking how sad is for Us watching you make use of religious, moral and spiritual principles to become victim of you fears, while hiding the natural Truth. However, I do not want to focus only on what still needs to be solved; look at what Evolution, with efforts and endeavors, manifested. Ground yourself in what is good and right, and evolve in the creation of the new thought systems of awakening and unity.

My intention is to be extremely clear with you, Daughters and Sons, for you will be left with neither wrong interpretations nor projections of ancient rage and new rancor. Those are emotions that still generate division and misunderstanding between men and women. I am not here to feed those divisions. I am donating you a new vision; a new perspective for someone and an acknowledgment for someone else. To each of you I donate a chance to change your thoughts, your words, your actions, and above all, your awareness. No duality exists in Pure Thought. No difference exists in the Love for men and women. In Truth, this division is illusory like the illusion itself.

Until now, we witness just a different manifestation of shapes and energetic principles that were only apparently opposite, since they cooperated to human Evolution. That Evolution has been indeed triggered by the energetic tensions between masculine and feminine. You yourselves, who are reading this message, lived several lifetimes both as women and as men, in order to experience and know that two evolutionary possibilities.

It seems hence natural to highlight that in Truth there is a primary need: The celebration of the alchemic marriage between masculine and feminine energy in you. Only through the Love for yourselves, this union can take place within you. Despite this truth is already known, this is a fresh Invocation. Remember that this is possible in each of you and is happening right now within the body of this beloved channel. Do not you think that delivering a message for the feminine through a male channeler is hilarious? Please, remind yourselves that, beyond your complaining, there are several teachers who are men and are striving for the awakening of Humanity; and this reality needs to be acknowledged.

To each man who will read these words I am sending a caress of compassion and a wave of courage; compassion for the effort of disrupting within you old fear blocks, and courage for boosting and supporting these processes. I am asking you to believe me when I affirm that, from this shifting in thoughts and personalities, new visions and new opportunities will born to understand the feminine word, new opportunities of life and growth will arise. Nothing of you will get lost. Your energies will blend together in a new unfolding of self-discovery. Remember also that, sometimes, the only chance to win is to let go something.

Question: How can we act in our lives to serve this new Consciousness?

Answer: Unfortunately we still live a reality where every day several women are victims of violence by hand of men, and within their family. The society is still unable to protect them. The example of life might disrupt a chain of thoughts, words, preconceived ideas, even rage and rancor. So, my exhortation for you is to be an example: Be conscious of your role as catalysts of the new, both individually and in couple. You are not alone in this process, as many more examples of new couples are being formed. There is the obvious need to learn from past generations’ mistakes, from your parents, grandparents and relatives; the need to take a soft yet resolute distance. However, there is also the need to acknowledge the same love that led the Life, mother after mother, to you. My advice is to acknowledge and connect to that powerful lineage, for the old be bound to the new and the past be linked to your new possibilities and attitudes. Speaking of something more tangible, I invite the women to give care and attention to themselves. Acknowledge and let emerge each of your sub-personalities. In order to do that, is vital for you taking care of your weaknesses, your fears, and your childish parts.

For a long time you lived in the world giving your vulnerability to a man, to a masculine energy not attentive, not ready, not conscious enough to be capable to handle it. This scenario leaves room for abusive behaviors: By not protecting yourselves, the risk to attract a man that will take advantage of them, increases. There is the necessity to awaken an ancient strength within yourselves and to allow it to guide you, for it to protect and defend yourselves by avoiding and foreseeing potential dangers in your daily life.

Do not give anymore your personal power to someone else: This is the most powerful antidote to neutralize any form of violence. Society will be accelerated if the formation of new Thought-Forms will be accelerated as well; if there will be the merging of will, intentions and desires of not being victims anymore of those situations. That implies denouncing and opposing every abuse of power: This will boost the change. It is crucial; it is imperative. No other ways are possible.

I am honest with you in saying that there is still a long way ahead before a complete reconciliation which will involve every aspect of your life. However, be grateful for what you have, as many women still live in less evolved areas of the Planet. Many efforts and sacrifies, acceptance and patience, are still required, but the thrust toward the evolution cannot be stopped. Learn looking at this thrust, adapting it to your changes, sometimes faster, other times slower. Either way, it is unceasable. Even if it may seem difficult, I am encouraging you in praying for the men. Pray for their awakening, pray for them to be freed from the Thought-Forms of violence and prevarication.

Many relationships in your lives stem from your fear of the loneliness and from a rooted, old, sense of indegnity. My exhortation for you is to cut off every self-limiting belief. If in your lives still are difficult situations, is because they are energetically bound to you and they simply need to be released; they just deserve the evolutive oblivion. My beloved Sisters, never settle for littleness in your relationships. Even if that means experiencing, for a while, a temporary solitude; in doing that you will raise your vibrations, and push men into the evolutive flow as well. I have noticed that several young mothers are now deciding to rise their children alone. This is a choice which, most of the time, deserves understanding and approval. Pray for grace, strength, financial prosperity and for your personal power to be awakened in yourselves. Let strength, love and vision be your confidence for you to face and overcome every test and obstacle.

Question: The majority of children who will be born during this delicate time, will be raised without a father?

Answer: For some of them that will happen. However, never forget that the souls chose that. The souls are prepared: sometimes it is part of a karma they want to dissolve; other times they are already well balanced in their inner world and will easily find different reference points. Either way, everythink is as it has to be. The New Era can be seen like a child we are giving birth to. Imagine a massive deliver of a vibrant, shining, purifing energy.

May Love be the key of the Evolution for you all.

Sister M.

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