Message from Archangel Gabriel for the New Year 2016

Dear friends in the Evolution,

In this post you will find a precious gift to humanity from Archangel Gabriel. He, the “Emissary of the Word of God”, brings to us Annunciations and messages of the utmost importance. I’m honored and pleased to have channeled this unique message, and fulfilling His wish I’m delivering those word to all of you. Channeling Archangel Gabriel is for me an extraordinary event. I invite you to read the message with respect and full attention, letting go every resistance. Let the Energy and your emotions flow free and nurture your Soul. Share this post with whomever you think will be deeply touched by Archangel Gabriel’s words.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,


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Message from Archangel Gabriel for the New Year 2016


You are Sons of God, never forget it. You are where the Holy Spirit and the Will of God wanted you to be. You are also the Creator himself observing his own Creation. You Soul progresses between the Creator and the Creation, sometimes getting closer to the former; Other times revealing more of itself to the latter. You Soul is learning from one dimension, one reality, one vibrational frequency, to another. This process is called awareness: The Awareness of the Love from which this activity and this Creation stem from. You Soul is getting closer to you. It is being nourished by your personality, while expressing itself in your personality, and in your life as well. Now, the Spirit of Creation has asked your Soul to merge with your personality, for Him to become manifested in your life.

That can take you to the next level of Consciousness. Consciousness means clarity, focus, and action. Action means Success. The Soul – your Soul – is magic. It has the power to blend with you and to co-create in you and for you. This is hence the evolutionary leap I am asking you to take. In this coming year, acknowledge more the power of your Soul. Use it. The Power of all the Archangels is now active, and it is focused on the Evolution of the Humanity. Everything is telling you, is even forcing you, to acknowledge the Love and the Evolution. Everything is guiding you in shifting from fear to strength, with certainty and confidence. Certainty and confidence abide in you, for you. Use them.

My beloved Brothers and Sisters, this is an Annunciation, a Blessing and an Exhortation for everyone listening to this Truth, these words, and this vibration. The Love of God is nurturing you and it will not fail. It never did, since time began.

I bless you all.

Channeled by Simone Focacci

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