Message on Magic from the Angels

In this Message, the Angels give us a surprisingly interesting perspective and insight on Magic, triggering a process of reconnection with the magical part of ourselves and with the ancient times in which Magic was not yet banned from our culture and society.
They address many topic questions such as:
What is Magic?
What role will it play in our lives in the times to come?
How to activate it within us?

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

The Heralds of the New Era

Message on Magic from the Angels

What is actually Magic? What is this word, this activity, this manifestation, this gift that indeed Mankind has always been pursuing? As you can see, it seems as Magic is coming back from an ancient past, and this is important. It is important, therefore, that you learn to understand the essence of Magic, the practical and evolutionary utility that Magic may have for your life.

First, dear brothers and sisters, for Magic to manifest itself in your lives, it is important that it comes as a consequence of the thirst for Truth and of the thirst for the direct connection. Truth also meaning here that you should open your mind to the possibility, actually the reality, of the existence of the other dimensions and of all the beings living therein, who might get in touch with you again.
The direct connection is also an aspect of the greatest importance. During the last few millennia, life after life, in your unconscious, the possibility and the memory of the direct connection with the other dimensions have been heavily attacked in order to demolish them, even down to the neural synapsis in your brain itself. Recreating the direct connection is the first step, that by the way will lead you to depart from any religious dogma that has kept you disconnected. We may call this first step a step towards Unity.

Then, the next step shall be towards knowledge, towards the comprehension of what is Magic, what are these dimensions, who are these mythological beings such as dwarfs, fairies, natural entities and eventually the various manifestations of Nature itself. Just as Simone already told you, you shall understand that Magic requires the activation of a powerful part of yourselves, a part that is ancient and not corrupted by any conditioning. Your magical part may be more archetypical then real; however, you really can activate it within yourselves.
This part of yours, which you may call an Inner Self, is capable of great power and connection. It is the aspect within you that is most capable of intercepting the waves of co-creation, like an antenna, and of attracting and manifesting the reality you wish to co-create. This antenna is probably your highest one: from within you, it grows high, towards the sky, reaching above the clouds of systemic entanglements and unconscious blockades. It can lead you to a deeper comprehension of the other realities, to a deeper connection.

However, just as any antenna must be firmly rooted in the ground, so you must be well grounded. The more you are grounded, the more you can stretch this antenna towards the sky, the more you are capable of attracting and manifesting through this part of yourselves.

Finally, the last part of this process consists in creating a concrete method, a proactive, evolutionary and wise method, to fully exploit these gifts and possibilities.

What are these gifts? What may “come down” from the other dimensions? Well, the answer lies in direct experimentation, in testing and trying, because even ourselves, we do not know what is now perfectly right for you.

In the past, whenever wizards, witches, people of power would connect, they used to attract material wealth. You may also do this, if it is aligned with your growth, your Evolution, and for the manifestation of your Empowerment, as you say. This is blessed from the Heavens. If, however, you attract power and wealth for your own egotistic goals, this is no more of any utility for your Evolution: you already did it in ancient pasts. This process must be totally pervaded by Evolution, completely aimed at Evolution, another tool at the service of your growth.

Would you like to recall an ancient power? This is good, if the power is then used and manifested for the betterment of yourselves, of your own life and of the people around you. If you need more wealth, this is possible, provided you will use it for your own good, to serve your Evolution and that of the people around you. You may also invoke ancient forces, ancient energies that may transmute themselves into health, energetic sustain, support for your body. If it is an act of love for your body, surely the Heavens would bless this process.

Would you like to contact other beings? Sure, this is also good. However, contrary to the past, this contact should now be a gentle and loving rapprochement, not at all aimed at escaping from your own reality. Now Magic must come back on Earth: you shall not aim at escaping into magical worlds, into subtler, or just different, dimensions. This shall be your attitude when the time will come for new encounters.

We suggested and tested with great curiosity and joy the new experiment with this technique employing the temple model (The Angels refer here to a technique designed by them and Simone that requires an exercise with the model of a temple, constructed by Simone), which is quite a novelty. In fact, if you think about it, in ancient times, even up to few decades ago, it was easier for you to travel to exotic places and visit these temples, these particular places. In ancient times, it was also way easier to build them. Recently, instead, the chances of a contact with Magic have been reduced, also because of your loss of touch with Nature.
Magic is coming back in your books, in your comics, in your television. This is still an activation stage, we may say a bidimensional stage. However, now you are ready for taking the chance: you may try to perform some acts Magic on your own, in your personal life, provided you get in touch with part of you, this so magical and powerful. With time, it will become easier for you to listen to this part of you, that can suggest new rituals, suitable for your present situation, your present dimension, your current possibilities and means.
Live your time, that contains the ancient past and the possibility to manifest it into new forms. Live your time that contains the ancient Magic, and you may manifest it into new forms. Nature is awakening. During these years, we led you into this process of rapprochement with the animal world, with the world of fairies and with Nature itself. In them as well, the desire of reconnecting with you is awakening.

You Humans are such extraordinary beings, because you are so concrete, practical, workers, but at the same time so creative, intellectual, and at the same time also full of Spirituality, full of Magic.

To conclude, Spirituality can be seen as a projection of yourselves towards the heavens, while Magic can be seen as a descent of the heavens towards you. This is a good way of distinguishing these parts of yourselves, different but connected, and both of them much involved and proactive in your Evolution.

Until now, you have emphasized your spirituality; now maybe the time has come to integrate it with Magic.

You are ready, you are where you should be.
You are loved.

So it is.

See you soon, brothers and sisters, see you soon.

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