Message from Saint Francis of Assisi: About Love

What is Love? Where does the Energy of Love come from? Is it constantly generated or was it generated only once, at the beginning of the Creation? Are we human beings also creators of the Energy of Love, or do we just channel Universal Love? We asked these questions to “our” Guides and, with our greatest amazement, we received not only an answer, but also a flavour of the vibrant experience from one of the greatest Masters of Love of our history: Saint Francis of Assisi.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

The Heralds of the New Era

Message by Saint Francis of Assisi

 What is Love? Mankind has been asking itself this question since the beginning of time. Imagine a breath. Imagine a Creator asking Himself the very same question, and imagine the Creation asking itself the very same question. Imagine this, and you shall be close to Truth. My brothers and sisters, Love is the Whole looking for Itself, it is the shape manifesting itself into essence, the essence recognizing itself in the form.

Love is the basis, the root of Creation. Love is also the root growing into a plant, a tree, becoming branch, fruit and nectar.

On one level, you can only imagine this vision, but on another you are living it. In this vision, you are Loved by the Love, which is the Whole, it is the basis of Creation, the ultimate particle upon which Existence manifests itself. Using some parameters that are more easily comprehensible and acceptable for you, Love is the concrete basis upon which all the Laws of the Universe can manifest themselves. It is the Spirit of the Unitary Intent of God, that creates the very basis allowing every material creation and every experience to be manifested.

Soon, your science will soon acknowledge this truth as well, just as it was acknowledged by ancient sciences of ancient civilizations. Therefore, Love is the basis of Creation, the concrete, even material Creation. But it is also a deep emotion, a stimulus for you, and a truth. You can see how Love becomes a word, a concept and see how many different manifestations can be considered Love.

You are moving just between the root and the fruit of such Love. Your freedom includes the freedom to depart from the primal Love that created us, but this departure will lead eventually to a new re-joining. You can see that this has been your own journey as well, life after life: your departure from love, in your actions, words and thoughts, in the end did not produce anything but a stronger desire in your Soul to reconcile yourself to all that is Love in your Life.

Clearly, this journey is not yet concluded for you, nor it is linear, or constant. It is an intense journey, even a mysterious one, but always fascinating. It is, and it will be even more, demanding. The history of Mankind is a history of experience, a history whose purpose is to understand how to manifest Love into actions too, even through the actions that “love what is not love” that all of you did in your life. This experiential and karmic residue still manifests itself in your lives as blockades, blockades in giving, blockades in receiving Love. However, this is your challenge and for sure your greatest opportunity as well.

Love is within you, Love is through you, through your actions, words, thoughts. Love exists through the manifestation of your energy, that becomes more and more coherent, elevated and selective.

You can create Love, you can channel Love, you can recognize it as a fruit from a tree, which is other than you, or as a gift you give from your own supply. If in certain moments in your life, you feel that your heart is weak, that your Love supplies are scarce, then ask, receive from those who Love you, because there is a time for giving and there is a time for receiving. Above all, the time is now for acknowledging. As it was said countless times in the past, we repeat now that only by Loving you will really experience Love within you. It is not a paradox, it is an exercise, therefore make experience of yourself in Love.

There is no being that ever completely departed from Love, to the point of extinguishing the desire for Love, not even when certain forces “love what is not love”, because even there the sparkle of Love still dwells. Ponder once more on the expression we use, which always implies the acknowledgment of part of this desire and of Love.

Therefore, dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, dear masters, do never forget that you are beings of Love, and that you are giving Love by your example, with your essence, even though you don’t completely acknowledge it yet.

Love is always in you and around you, and those of you that have been long into this project can see that, in spite of the difficulties, there are obvious signs of the increase of Love in their lives. We have gained somewhat more experience, maybe at times much more experience than you, regarding the expression of Love. And even then, we have no ultimate answer, because each time we approach it the boundaries of Love expand themselves, widen themselves, therefore it is impossible for us to lead you to ultimate perfection, or to describe it, since it is always in a process of ever changing evolution.

Will you find the perfect Love in your life? Maybe not, but indeed this is not why you are here: your task is to perfectly manifest your Love, to yourselves and to those surrounding you.

Is it so important to know all the ingredients of a cake a friend of yours gave to you, that he made? The cake is delicious, and only after you tasted it, you wish to ask him for the recipe. So it is Love: live it in your life! This is what matters the most, more than understanding the way Love came to you.

Giving you another example, if a friend, a dear one, asks you for some food because he is hungry, or for some water because he is thirsty, you promptly give him food and water. Then maybe you may ask him why was he so hungry or thirsty, but what matters the most is your gift. I am confident you will understand these examples.

I advise you to live in your heart. I advise you to breath in your heart. I advise you to acknowledge the presence of Love around you now. I advise you not to waste your time and to Love all the time. And I even recommend you to depart from the examples of the past. Regarding myself speaking to you now, during one past life, actually during many lifetimes I also sought the manifestation of perfection in Love. Like many other people that you declared saints, I have made drastic choices in my life. I manifested Love according to the limits of the man I was and of the time I was living in.

Dear brothers, dear sisters, do go even beyond us that have been your examples. Your capability to Love is similar to ours, but your possibilities are greater then those we had, therefore your experience of Love can be deeper. The times are yours. The time is yours.

Recognize Love according to your own experience and manifest it according to your desires: the dream that God has for each of us indeed corresponds well to the dram each of you has for himself/herself. Once again we are united in this task, in this manifestation, in this opportunity of Love.

A blessing falls now upon us. It is the blessing of Love itself. It is in the air and shines like pulsing molecules around you, my beloved, beloved sisters, beloved brothers. You may even feel a blow, a vibration, even electricity around you. When our meeting will be over, go to your dear ones, and cherish and hug you partner, your closest relative, a friend, even your plants, your animals to which you belong. They will recognize and exchange this Love with you. Drink and eat something, blessing the food, the elements, and this will come back to you.

Do not fear to recognize Love within you. Do not fear to accept it from the others. Do not fear to be yourselves channels of Love, and do not fear to Love your fears. At a deep level, you are now the pioneers, the knights of Love, the servants of this force. At a deep level, that which serves is served. At a deep level and absolute level, the one who gives will be able to receive.

Everything that will happen, that you will see happening, that you are already seeing happening and that is not in line with the energy of Love, is itself the work of Love. It is Love itself washing away these encrustations from time, from the ether, from itself. Therefore, see your changes as preparatory events that will accompany the Era of Love, of Unity and of acknowledgment of oneself and of the Universal Laws.

If is perfectly right that, from time to time, you give yourselves a break from the manifestation of the Love you give to the others and that you feel within you. However, your flame is so eternal and perennial that it will never be extinguished; it will only grow in fact.

I shall leave now. The Angelic hosts are gently withdrawing themselves from you, because receiving too much Love may bee too much for you. All the Angels I can see now will remain close to you, and the meeting will continue with your soul. Together, in your deepest sleep, we will continue this meeting, this party, in the Astral Gardens, the Eden Gardens.

See you soon. The blessing of Saint Francis is for you now.

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