METATRON “For the New Humanity”

Dear friends in the Evolution 🙂 ,

with great amazement I’m writing this post to announce you the gift you are about to receive. It is such a special gift that I felt a duty to write this post in order to introduce it and explain it properly 😉 After many years, since 2007 to be precise, He came back! By “Him” I mean Metatron. Do you know how He is?

Whenever GOD wants to communicate with Humanity, He has to use by necessity some intermediary that would “filter” the Superior Energy, otherwise no Channeler could ever channel these messages without literally exploding! Channeling Metatron is indeed a great deal of a challenge, and to my knowledge there exist just a handful of other people in the world that maybe are capable of this… Then, it is indeed an exceptional Channeling even for myself. In fact, since 2007 I happened to Channel the energy of Metatron several times in the classical way, that is the spoken one most common to Channelers (I shift my Consciousness and let the coming Angel speak through my body), but it always lasted for two/three minutes, not more, and it could not be otherwise.

Whenever He wises to convey long and articulated Messages, the only way to do it is through “automatic writing”, and again it happens only when some particular Astrologic Conjunction is in place.

Now, what is this Contact about? After an initial preamble, He divides Humanity into four “categories” and addresses each of them individually, actually speaking four different Messages embedded in a single Contact. I named the four categories the Evil ones, the Unawares, the Dormants and the Heralds. The structure itself is just so ingenious; furthermore, what He says and how He says it is really extraordinary! Thank God :-), the messages are very little New-Age-like, nothing like “open your heart to love and everything will be fine”. Every time I reread it, I am astonished by how each and every word of His is noting nut Pure Truth! The first people with whom I shared the Contact were as well much impressed, of course each of them in his/her own way, and to the extent of what he/she could take in. As you will read by yourself, He says this Contact will be relevant for at least the next 20 to 30 years. Therefore it is very unlikely you may fully comprehend it with just a single reading. Enough said, I don’t want to spoil it for you 😉

Needless to say, in spite of all the “New-Age prophecies” and illusions put forward by false gurus, our reality is not doing well at all! And the bare fact that I myself had to Channel first Archangel Gabriel and then even Metatron within less then two months, should make you reflect. Keep in mind that these particular Superior Entities only come along when Humanity needs to make important choices and sits on the verge of a chasm, or of a global restart. Consider as well that, because of the extraordinariness of the Message, he expressly requested us to translate this Contact into other languages and to spread it as much as possible! Some of my students have already translated it into English, French and Spanish. German is still lacking since at the moment I do not know anyone speaking it fluently. Therefore, if there is anyone among you readers that knows this language and wishes to do it, that would be very welcome. You are just required to be as faithful as possible to His words and to cite the source, that is our group and my website Thank you ;-).

That said, let me come to the most unpleasing part of my work: asking for money :-/. The Contact itself is a gift (and a warning) that “the DIRECTION” wished to convey to Humanity, therefore it is totally free! But all the rest is not free for us. Consider that behind each Contact you will read in this website, now and in the future, there are (besides “my” Channeling) many unpaid hours that my talented collaborators spent for the translation, and obviously the (not small) expenses for maintaining the website. Therefore every donation is a godsend and will allow us to continue the divulgation work that the Angels required us to do. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Should it be difficult for you to make a donation, don’t worry, happily download the Contact and let peace be with you :-). The most important thing, however, is not to approach it as a “normal” message: do make use of it to work on yourself!

To summarize, what to do with this amazing gift?

  1. Print the Contact and read it only when you have at least 30 minutes of peace, so that you can pay the due attention to your emotions.
  2. Ponder extensively on each and every point, and reread it at least once a month. Consider that every time you will read it, you will understand something more ;-).
  3. Share it with whomever you wish, provided you do not change a single word and that you mention the source.
  4. A donation is highly welcome, if you can afford it!

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,


Let us know your thoughts! We welcome all your comments.



“For the New Humanity”

Listen, Sons. I came to you today so that the voice of Truth would be clear to all of you, now as well as and in the years to come. My presence is a Grace for you, an opportunity for your times and a stimulus for your changes. This message is aimed at this particular evolutionary passage, but will be helpful and clear for the next twenty to thirty years as well.
There cannot be evolution and growth without awareness. You already know this, but maybe it is not yet clear to you what this awareness is and how does it act in your life. Too many interpretations of Truth have confused the comprehension of Truth itself. This is why I am here to you today. So that everything would be clear, like a clear Sky mirroring itself in your day. It will be as if you looked at yourself in the mirror, but finally looking at yourself for what you really are, for what your complex reality truly is.Let a Blessing of Vision and Truth come to all of you through these words. They aim at warning who opposes the change, waking up who lives in illusions, exhorting who sleeps, and thanking who acts in the name of the One and of Truth.

There exist forces that love what is not Love, and they act to block your evolution. Soaked in the power that Matter gives them, they live within the men who are weak with respect to Love, but not only in them. They express themselves in non-human beings as well, who live on your Planet and who, in the end, actually guide your governments. A warning goes to those who willingly act against My Will. There are no more excuses for your behaviour, no more justifications for your actions. You must know there is no place that my sight cannot reach. There is no hideout that is not reachable by my Angels. There will be no exceptions in how the Superior Laws will apply to you. Remember that each of your evil and oppressive actions will eventually strike most heavily yourselves. You are the makers of your own Destiny, which will soon manifest itself in your lives. So it will be! However, the motion towards redemption is always here, and it is sacred to the eyes of God. Redemption is the last gift for you in this Evolutionary Cycle. Take it now and be eventually of service to Evolution. Thank to your strengths and your wealth, you can accelerate what is already in motion, which is already happening in a way that is completely out of your control, in spite of your efforts. The wave of renovation and Truth will crash your thin barriers, and the tide of awakening in the Collective Consciousness will destroy your structures and your deceits.You already know this Truth in your heart, in spite of it being just a candle, while it could be a fire. So, with the help of your acute mind, ponder whether you can stop such a wave and such a tide. You are really just slowing it down, delaying and worsening the impact it will have, as it will strike you. Otherwise, you can turn yourself to support it, because there is still a hope for you. But one only, and only now. This is what I came to tell you.

To those men and women who act unaware of Human Evolution, a warning goes as well. There are no more excuses for your resistance and for your ignorance. Not knowing what is concealed gives you the stimulus of evolutive curiosity. However, ignoring Truth when it only wishes you to embrace it, is loving illusions more then Life itself. To continue living as slaves of the various faiths and not as servants of Truth is equivalent to being stuck in some eternal past and refusing evolution. To continue imposing your small truths means avoiding embracing Truth. To hide behind dogmas is equivalent to continuing playing hide and seek, just like children. However you Soul is not a child anymore, since long ago. Your Soul is old and powerful, even though often still bonded to your personality. The time is now for responsibility, the time is now to accept your greatness and to finally free yourself from any old garment, which is ancient and threadbare, not suited for these times: the times of Evolution through Truth and Change. The time is now to learn from Love, even to teach Love for oneself and for all that is. You know this is the Time of Reconciliation, this has already been stated. However, the time has really come, now, for you to act within such a movement of reconciliation. It is the time of Unity; it is the time for opening your mind and your heart. Now! Do accept that change is the Constant of Evolution through which the Universe manifests itself. Do support these changes, after having accepted them within your lives, and you will see how they will carry a breeze of new life into your life. Cleaning in your daily life, order in your mind, opening of your heart: these must be the guiding points for your action. Open yourselves to the new, to changes, and above all to the constant commitment to improve yourselves. Not knowing your unconscious means denying a part of yourselves. Not acknowledging the power of your unconscious in your lives is like being unwilling to behold your adversary before a battle. But there is in Truth no adversary. This is the greatest illusion. There are just Brothers and Sisters you have not yet recognized, who are still waiting for you with open arms, and with their hearts filled with true Love for you. The ranks of My Angels are waiting for your awakening as well, with Patience and Love. But the time now has come and everything that you think, say and that you will do in the years to come will condition the Evolution of your Soul for the next millennia. Therefore stop delegating your power to all these forces that love what is not Love. Stop giving away your power to all these associations, sects and religions that still keep you stuck. Courage: this is all I am asking for. An act that will be like the start of an avalanche in your life. It will take you far, instead of overwhelming you as you fear. This is my promise to all of you.

To those of you sleeping the sleep of fear, my exhortation is going. Like an alarm clock that keeps ringing, in spite of you ignoring it, so I am this alarm clock for you now. But I will ring just one last time, and My warning is to get up now. Your time, your society, and eventually you yourselves need you to take action. To keep acting unawares will lead you dangerously close to the edge of a bad action. To keep confusing the pursue of your freedom with the unconscious desire for a privilege, will have strong consequences in your life and in your Evolution. This motion of your heart is like a flower that blossoms for one day only. Thinking and believing that your Evolution can occur without embracing and serving also your neighbour’s one, is the myopia in your eye. When the movement of your hand goes towards counting the wealth in your pocket, rather then giving caresses to your neighbour, this is the avarice of your personality. Finally, to you Evolved Souls who however still do not act in full accordance with Evolution, My invitation and My promise go. I shall be in you, when you accept to be My Channels. However, I will be on Earth as a manifestation of the Evolution in Heaven. I will not represent you in Heaven anymore, as a manifestation of your desire for happiness. The time for change is now totally here, in your reality, and it must manifest itself within your society. With this clarity I come to you, so that there would be no more excuses for not acting, no more pretexts for not manifesting your dormant courage. What could happen if you act in my name? Do you really think that the comfort in your life is worthier then the Evolution of your Soul? It is not so. However there is no conflict between the Evolution of your Soul and the growth in your life. They are two movements only apparently opposing each other, which can meet and must meet. Obviously there are choices to be made, actions to be taken with courage and confidence, but this courage, dormant within you, is indeed ready to awaken. Only your fears do not want to get up from this bed of routine and comfort. But the alarm is now ringing, and it is playing the chant of Truth and Evolution. Your Angels are close to you, reminding you of your Confidence and Vision, maybe still a bit lacking. So it is. Do not allow that not serving the Evolution now be forever your regret. Remember that my Love is within all of you anyway, from the first to the last, from the least aware to the most enlightened of men. Ponder again and again upon these words of Mine, now and in the times to come. Let them be a lighthouse in the storm, but also a warning for you all.

To the Sons whose actions are aligned with the Will of the Father and of the Mother, I tell that all your efforts will be rewarded. I remind you that nothing is lost from the Annals of Life, and everything will be recorded and remembered. When you will be free from your Human Temple, from the constrains of Matter, you will look back at these recordings, at these memories. You will judge by yourselves the greatness of your efforts and of your life. Then, you will fully understand your mission on Earth and will be grateful to yourselves. Finally, you will be filled with Love for yourselves. Yes, finally every evolutionary tension within you will disappear, and any fear will be dissolved in a superior Love, that you will give to yourselves. And then you will be completely free. All the Angels serving Me and serving you will dance with you the Dance of Life concluding itself. Everything will be perfect. But until then, I ask you to go forth with your courage, to persist in your right actions. However, I ask you neither to be careless of dangers, nor to become martyrs of Service. Be in your time, living with the due attention, in order to preserve your Human Temple, which is your body. Attention with no attachment. Vision always joined to confidence. Perseverance manifested into discipline. This, and only this is what I am asking you for, and I do so while being perfectly aware of your Strength, your Courage and your Dedication. These are your qualities, and the qualities of your Angels as well, who will ceaselessly continue to join you and to be within you. I have not many more words for you, my Heralds, because you are already listening to my voice in your life, more and more. And I will be speaking more and more for you all. My Word will come like a flash of lightning illuminating a dark sky. My Love will come to anybody wishing to feel it, like a breeze in a scorching night. My Gifts will come to whoever will feel worthy to claim them, like an unexpected gift. My presence will be that of the Sun and of the Moon. My gratitude for your efforts, pains and sufferings will be like a miraculous balm, soothing any doubt within you.

So it is, My Sons.



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