Prayer for the New Era

 ARCANGELO MICHELEIn this extraordinary prayer, Archangel Michael revives the memory of an ancient prayer whose presence is deeply rooted in our unconscious, revitalizing its message and resurrecting its strength, with a new energy, completely in line with the present times and with the New Era we are already living.

It is wonderful and indeed very powerful, therefore we recommend you read it with great attention, let its poetry touch you and let its words work a transformation within you.

Like any other prayer, it should be repeated every day, or at least until you will have experienced the transformation it will bring you.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

The Eralds of the New Era

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Prayer for the New Era


Father and Mother within me, may your name be sanctified for me to always remember that I am in the manifestation of your Kingdom.

May my will be expression of the Evolution that you always dreamed for me, as above, so below.

By virtue of your Blessing, I attract all the Abundance I need in my daily life.

I release every karmic residue in the forgiveness and in the blessing of each of my thought, word and action that might have delayed my growth until now.

I now declare that I will offer my Evolution only to the energy of Love, by living in Unity with You and all of your Creation.


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