Spiritual Elevation and Grounding

grounding4Dear Friends in the Evolution,

The message you’re about to read contains an extraordinary explanation of how we must interpret and live the Spirituality in the New Era. It’s an invitation to leave behind the illusions of the New Age, and to live our own spiritual Elevation without forgetting the importance of the Grounding in our present lives. This is the only way to develop the wisdom and the consciousness that will enable us to transform, in a concrete way, our daily lives and our society. You’re part of these important and unique changes in the History of Humanity and you must be proud for deciding to come to Earth during this as crucial as extraordinary phase. Reading the wise words of the Angels you will easily get what I mean.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

Simone Focacci

Spiritual Elevation and Grounding

How can you access an Inner Higher Dimension? How can you tune into a Higher Vibration? This is the question arising from your Souls. Surely, that access requires reflecting on the term “higher”. “Higher vibration”; “higher level”. You always use this term, but “higher” than what? Higher than yourselves? Higher than the way you were before? Higher than a level of Consciousness you were accustomed to in hearing, living, seeing? Yes, of course.

If you like having this perspective, that extension, that proceeding toward a Higher Level, is what is happening in you all, as you, finally, are accessing a Higher Level of Consciousness, a Higher Level of Love, compared to the one you used to donate to yourselves.

Considering the process from an inner point of view, it is correct to define it “Higher”; it is correct that you consider it a higher level of your Evolution. Your Evolution is exactly the way it has to be, as you are moving, choice after choice, toward a higher level of love and acknowledgment for yourselves. Now, you are free to move forward, in a fast paced manner, to give light, understanding and love to yourselves, and above all else, confidence in yourselves and in your choices. In this movement, you will have, as always, our help, our blessings and our energy.

We can tell you that new choices also come with new responsibilities and new duties toward yourselves and others. This process is hence creating new neural synapses within you, new networks, new feelings, that you must protect, embrace and melt within your heart.

Open, truly, your heart to yourselves. Go forth following his direction, and let the Universe – already aligned with this new, Higher Level – send you the answers, under the manifestation of new jobs, new travel companions, new romantic partners and new friendships. Here we close the discussion about this first step, this vision, to move on to the second one in this process, more communicative in nature, related to the inner comprehension of the process itself.

This progress toward a higher level of Consciousness can, and must imply for yourselves a process of the Consciousness going down to your reality, your daily lives, your problems and the compromises you are sometimes called to settle for, to live your reality.

It is our desire to donate you an example to better help you grasping the concept we want to convey.

Imagine to be a doctor in an emergency room, or in a bellicose area. Think about the process of this doctor who initially studied in the best Universities, hence elevated himself to higher level of knowledge, teachings and technique. After his training, which gave him a culture far superior than the one of many other people, he went into the battle, in the midst of the chaos of an E.R. He hence operates at a ground level, at a daily, human level, but with his higher knowledge. Can you understand what we are telling you? This is your biggest challenge now, during this crucial time of your Evolution.

We are already starting to feel your questioning about how to activate, in a tangible way, this process. However, there is not a single answer for everybody. Our suggestion is to simply be yourselves, to now learn staying at that level of Connection, Love, and Higher Power. From that level you will make responsible, righteous choices, confident in your process of Evolution and Change. Those choices will donate you a deep sense of confidence in the help that We will continue offering to you. Is from that level that you will experience and create your reality, and then, you will go down in the difficulties of your reality, to change even small things and single individuals. You need to be more and more grateful to the Universe, which is sustaining you, and acknowledge the relevance of what you are doing.

The secret is to now elevate yourselves, and then, to come down without falling. During your past lifetimes, you decided to become spiritually elevated to escape the real world, and then, inevitably, the Universe forced you to come down. And fall. Now, we are asking you, as the precursors of new Thought Forms, and maybe for the first time in the history of Evolution, to elevate yourselves in Consciousness and Love, and then come down, in the awareness and with love, without falling!

Only then, you will transform, as you are already doing, your reality, and you will be proactive participants in social changes as well. We will follow you in your – and hence in Our – process of growth and evolution. We are here. We are always here!

See you soon Brothers and Sisters.


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