The group “The Heralds of the New Hera” was born in February 2016 from the Italian online Membership “The Architects of the New Era”, created by Simone Focacci in March 2009.

During the sessions of the Membership, messages form the Angels have been channeled in Italian by Simone and, for the first time, broadcast live through the web, reaching people that until then couldn’t access them. Over the years, people from all over Italy participated in the Membership, as well as  from Switzerland, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Argentina and the US.

At these events, the participants can experience directly the Energy, Wisdom, Force and above all Love carried by Angelic Entities as well as by many Guides, who are Human Souls of the highest degree of evolution that have already concluded their incarnation cycle. The encounters with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, Saint Francis from Assisi, Sri Aurobindo and Archangel Metatron deserve mention among the most significant. Furthermore, within this extraordinary group, Simone took the burden as well as the honor of channeling our Sirians “Older Brothers”, a highly evolved race from the solar system of Sirius B, and also our human brothers living in the cavities within our planet.

Many of the messages channeled between 2009 and 2013 have been collected in the books:

In February 2016, Archangel Metatron conveyed through Simone a new fundamental message to Humanity, for these times full of difficulties and crucial changes. The importance of this extraordinary Channeling is such that its diffusion beyond the Italian borders became imperative. The group “The Heralds of the New Era” rose from this necessity, and is composed by Simone, his partner Maria and by Concetta and Marco, two students of his. Its purpose is translating and spreading these wonderful messages in the English-speaking community.

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