Universal Pray

This Prayer was channelled by Simone Focacci and is dedicated to the manifestation of the New Era, which must primarily happen in the interior of each of us. It is wonderful and indeed very powerful, therefore we recommend you read it with great attention, let its poetry touch you and let its words work a transformation within you. Like any other prayer, it should be repeated every day, or at least until you will have experienced the transformation it will bring you.

Love, Gratitude and Blessings,

The Eralds of the New Era

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10294358_1444738655764333_7397133432534374932_n-264x300May Peace descend upon each of us.

May the cure be ours and descend now upon every part of our being, in every cell of our body.

May the clarity be impressed now upon our mind.

May Understanding and Intuition merge now within us, to create Confidence and Right Way.

May the searching of the Truth transform  us into the Truth; may the desire of Freedom set us free and the curiosity for the Source trasmute us into the Source itself.

May Love reach our hearts and give us the certainty of being who we are, to acknowlege ourselves as well as this Love and our worthiness of it.

May The Holy Christ Energy permeate the heart of each and every man, nurture the Heart of every man, nurture ourselves and through us be manifested.

In Glory, Richness and Beatitude! Amen

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